More than 1000 paper cups per minute and almost 8,000,000 cups per month – so that everybody can drink coffee only from an original, eco-friendly, convenient cups that will reveal the characteristics of the beverage. We produce and market high-quality, certified, individualized disposable cups. Take away food and drink is an integral part of modern life and a great business niche. Our paper cups are the perfect solution for this industry. We also successfully produce and supply cups for vending coffee machines that are subject to extremely high demands. At present, our products are used by more than 60 European companies. OPACK continuously modernizes production processes, implements innovations, expands the range of products offered and strives to become not only reliable, but also a well-known brand in Europe

In 2017 and 2018 we were recognized as one of the strongest in Lithuania, because we firmly follow these values:

Our goal is to meet the customer’s needs while guaranteeing the highest quality standard.

Our vision is to become the most known and best-selling producer of paper cups in the Baltic States.

Our strategy focuses on creating competitive prices, excellent quality and unique design.

Original cup of joy

Our paper cups is a perfect solution for any type of business

Drinking coffee from a stylish cup is a lot more pleasant. Advertising yourself with the help of unique item that is used everyday is a clever choice.

Тakе away food and drink is an integral part of modern life and a great business niche. Use high-quality, aesthetic, functional products that can perform not only direct but also promotional features.

1.  How many cups do You need?

Choose their size, quantity, additional accessories

2. Which design is suitable for You?

Choose from a products catalog or create an individual design

3. Use Your made cups!

Delivery time – from 5 working days

Is it difficult to decide which cups to choose? We will provide you with professional assistance and introduce an assortment! 

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